PRO and Documents Clearing

High end PRO services for firms throughout Dubai and the UAE

Any company operating a business in the UAE will require a dedicated PRO (Public Relation Officer) provider in order to have a smooth hassle-free operation

We offer a wide array of services to individuals to guarantee them the receipt of approvals and attestations they need in their businesses. We have a specialized team for writing and creating different types of contracts whether they are supplier or client ones. All our contracts are written under the international and UAE law to protect you and your business.

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    What is Document Clearing?

    Document Clearance means obtaining the authorized documents required to start up a business. Documents vary from one organization to another, as it depends on the number of appointed employees, their nationalities and other documents. Documents clearance can be very daunting and confusing as there is a constant fluctuations in the business laws and the currency. Therefore, having an agency to help you with the process is the most productive way to reduce cost and time.

    PRO Services Dubai


    The cost depends on many factors. Kindly contact us for a free evaluation and a quote.

    1. Dedicated account manager assigned to your company.
    2. A network across all of the government departments and your own typing team for fast applications.
    3. Transparent government costs per each transaction with a monthly statement.
      Accurate completion time with regular update.
    4. Management can focus on a business strategy and operations.
    5. Save time, money and effort.
    6. No delay or fines for the employment visa application.