Payroll and HR Services

Payroll Outsourcing & HR Services in Dubai

Fab Arabia being among Dubai ‘s leading human resources and payroll outsourcing firms, offers outstanding payroll and HR services that suit all your needs. The core of any business success is the staff or the employees. Qualified talents must be selected for the right positions .

Outsourcing to a dedicated HR agency is a massive asset for any company and with our expertise, we help you hire professional and qualified workforce in addition to managing Payroll and other related HR services.

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    What is included in our payroll services?

    Our Payroll and HR services will allow you to focus on the important tasks instead of spending your valuable time or resources in making sure that your employees are paid on time and accurately. Apart from setting up payment systems, we can help you with

    • Monitoring employee attendance
    • Setup and adjusting accounts
    • Ensure correct deductions;
    • Integrate benefits plans;
    • Ensure compliance with legislation governing payroll;
    • Provide electronic payroll records (to employers and employees)


    We use an in-house system in managing, and organizing data in order to process payroll both accurately and efficiently. The firm’s payroll service is tailored to meet the different needs of businesses and to help ensure full compliance to state laws regarding employee compensation.

    It depends on many factors, in order to properly estimate your investment, kindly contact us for a free assessment and a quote.