About Fab Arabia

Fab Arabia was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2012. It offers its clients a wide range of professional financial services in many fields, such as accounting, consulting, VAT/TAX, bookkeeping, fraud examining, company formulating, liquidation and business company de-registration, business setup, payroll management and HR, trademark protection and registration, and employee relocation.


Fab Arabia DMCC together with its (sister company) Asil & Company Chartered Accountants is a regulated audit and accounting firm by the UAE financial authorities and also registered in the UAE official-related authorities, such as the Courts, Prosecution, free zones, major banks, and arbitration centers. Our official languages are Arabic and English, whereas our staff members speak English, Arabic, URDU and Filipino.

What makes us different?

We connect and build relationships with clients which separates FAB Arabia from the other firms. We know our clients on a personal level which in turn makes each one of our team want to do the best for them. “People first, numbers second” is what Fab Arabia’s team culture is built around – and one of the key factors to our success and the reason our firm has maintained a very high client retention rate.

We are a one shop for our clients’ convenience with us having decades of hands down financial experience. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with wide experiences.

how can we help you?

Need accounting help? Our team provides bookkeeping, payroll, tax and more. Call us today  for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we can support your growing business.